Monthly Foot Clinics

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) considers your feet a marvel of engineering. Together, your two feet contain more than 50 bones, accounting for about one-fourth of all the bones in your body. And somehow they also make room for more than 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold them together and help them move. Needless to say, ensuring good care of your feet and taking preventative maintenance steps (no pun intended) can save you a lot of pain and trouble in the future!


That is why every month, we have a Registered Nurse from Home Options who comes in to do a foot clinic for seniors. This service is free of charge and to help ensure the health of the seniors in our community. Donations are accepted and appreciated.


A registered nurse will be at the following Senior Centers every month:

                                                            Polson Senior Center

                                                            St. Ignatius Senior Center

                                                            Mission Valley (Ronan) Senior Center                                                                                                                        Charlo-Moiese Senior Center

                                                            Arlee Senior Center

Please call your local center to see which day and times a nurse will be available. 

Call us today on 1-406-676-2367

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